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Heaters - Solstice - 10" Vinyl

$12.00 / On Sale

Catalog#: DIZZY-001
Released: 10/17/2014
Format: 10" Vinyl

HEATERS is Andrew Tamlyn, Nolan Krebs and Joshua Korf.

Based out of Grand Rapids, MI, the group started writing tunes together in 2013 after moving into the same house from different corners of the state. What started as a five-piece jamming project between roommates eventually whittled itself down to a trio with a manic drive for writing and recording their own brand of jangly rock tunes.

In their first year - The band went from playing under christmas lights in basements to turning people on in breweries and clubs. After a few home-spun recordings, and lending their efforts to a couple splits....This is their debut 10". Using this piece of vinyl as a launching pad, Heaters are making the rounds, stringing together a helluvalotta shows between the Midwest and East Coast as we speak (or type) - it’s safe to say these dudes are workers. Their particular style is as aquatic and bouncy as the Lake Michigan surf (emphasis on SURF), and at others...as hard-nosed and driven as a northern winter. The vibes are all there. The trio found the sound. Solstice is primed and ready to swirl in colorful circles around you.